College Captain Messages


“Leaders are not born, they are made”

On behalf of student cabinet, I Aliya Alvi, College Captain of St.Teresa’s Day School & College, would sincerely want to thank our Principal, Vice-Principal, Headmaster, Teachers and students who have always believed in us and our abilities to lead the school. It’s a great honor and opportunity for us to lead such a prestigious institution of the city.

For about 50 years, our school stood as a symbol of quality of education. Today it stands proudly as a beacon of light for academic excellence and extracurricular activities.

Since 14 years I have been in this institution and I believe that this remarkable school has truly shaped me into the emergent and confident girl I am today. This esteemed institution has molded all of us into a better person and helped us in facing the challenges of the modern world.

I promise to live up to the expectations of our mentors and will fulfill my duties with the pillars of discipline, sincerity, kindness and integrity, carrying a legacy with me forever - “DO ALL THINGS WELL”

Aliya Alvi
(College Captain)