This bonafide, exemplary, modern institute of education manifests the break down of Indian deteriorating unsocial system and enhance information and technological progress. To herald in an era to make India financially, socially, religiously, (ethologically) and (disasterly) free.

It's a big task ahead with detrimental traditions (please note we promote Indian culture plucking the fairest of flowers to plant in our own garden). Ours is a beautiful world to share with each of you. A world free of adult boundaries of disconcern.

Modification and adjustability is our game plan with a Motto ‘DO ALL THINGS WELL’. We live in a well of plentiful with much to offer. There is not only us, but plenty of the best commodities in human resource. Commencing with the three years olds to the 16 years olds. All fantastic essentials to the fabric of progress we offer you. If you feel that the infrastructure you possess is inadequate for your child we supplement and compliment healthy growth. It's not that we lack children in the school, but we want a variety of parents and children who will help in the growth and progress. This is our commitment to humanity and human kind.

The facade we offer you in not and end in itself, it is the beginning we have everything required for child education. Not the multitude of computers like in Infosys, but as many to serve the intellectual capabilities of our children. The room is huge, spacious and practical. Internet free of cost 24 hours. Use it we say to all. All computers are used for project work for the Board Examinations.

The college has three fantastic laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. When the Board examinations have tested us, we have finished, exemplary. Material and equipment we do not lack, we are par excellence. Many a huge scientific organization would be ashamed when they behold this school's resources in science. “Reach for the Stars”.

There is a well stocked Fiction and Reference library and the college subscribes to a variety of magazines and newspapers. Children are encouraged to use the Library regularly especially to prepare for their projects and other work.

We offer innovative beginnings for the Pre-Primary children. A delightful legacy of years of experience in garnishing child development to its fullest. A playpen, play & learn “Fun & learn”

“See through doing” is a special feature of process of early development. Emphasis is given on control of sensory and motor nerves. Stimulus Response theory is ideally exploited as one of the most innovative media of learning. The brain child of the Headmistress of the Junior School, the preparatory modules of learning are a formidable and competitive system for any, not only on the country, but the world. Her experience has nurtured one of the most sought after initiatives at a global level. Her own books form the curriculum for these classes.

The teaching staff are well selected and replaced when complacency and neglect creep into the system. Groomed and encouraged to study further and to keep up with modern trends in education they are sent for examinations, seminars and refresher courses to keep abreast with global standards.

A Conference hall and basement hall forms a forum for co-curricular & extra-curricular activities. The school which is divided into four houses, continuously competes various feats of activities. Throughout the calendar year various activities help to bring about personality development.

The school has the proud distinction of being the 'Champion of Champions' at Crossroads-an annual feature held by one of the prestigious Colleges of Lucknow where over twenty schools participate.

Our children are over achievers in all fields of life. Our ex-students are doctors, lawyers, engineers, administrators and what not. We even have ‘The Teresa Clinic’ in Scarborough, Toronto- Canada (named by a doctor student after her school). We have a star studded list of ex-students whose alma mater is still their example, existence and inspiration.

We aspire to provide the best to all. To extract the best for you and your family. For this purpose the board classes have a meeting (one-to-one) with the Principal and teachers on a regular basis to extract the best results at this level. Results of the school speak for itself. (100% at ISC level)

Regular organized games are held. The children play Badminton, Basketball, Table Tennis, Fencing is also taught.

Music is a big culture. The management feels music breeds talent and makes good citizens. So we get idealistic citizens with a bright future. We have students who have made it to the television and movie screen. Long live the music culture.

Children from class 5 are divided into four houses. Anthony House (Blue), (named after Frank Anthony) President-in-chief of the All India Anglo Indian Association. De Rozio House (Yellow), (named after Henry De Rozio, the famous Anglo Indian poet from Calcutta), Fanthome House (Green) (named after Hubert and Inez Fanthome, joint founder of the institution) and Gidney House (Red), (named after Sir Henry Gidney, the first President-in-chief of the Anglo Indian Association). There is healthy competition between these houses, Prizes, Shields and Certificates and distributed to the victorious in various curriculum and extra curriculum activities.